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Drinking Water &
Sanitation in School

put / upgraded in 20 schools of Karachi

installed / rehabilitated & sanitation facilities

Drinking water facilities

promotes water conservation / micro management of water

in collaboration with United Bank Limited

home based sustainable organic food production

dietary and nutrition needs of urban families

train 400 kitchen garden activists


Project AAB

Delivery of safe drinking water

Improved health conditions in project areas

Community owned and operated water systems

Possibility of supplemental income generation

Creating Partnerships

The Area Water Partnership concept emerged in South Asia out of the need to find tangible and feasible units for institutionalizing IWRM in countries like Pakistan where the river basins are huge and unwieldy. Read more…

Developing Solutions

In: Developing Solutions 23 Jan 2014

Developing solutions has been at the core of all programmatic interventions undertaken by Hisaar Foundation. Read more…

Emergency Support

In: Emergency Support 23 Jan 2014

Hisaar Foundation has historically launched relief, mitigation and rehabilitation operations after emergencies and natural calamities.

News & Events

In: News & Events 08 Oct 2014

Dr. Sono Khangharani, CEO Hisaar Foundation has been invited by Government of Sindh to be a member of the Committee responsible for the Thar Development Authority and framing the Sindh Drought Mitigation Policy. Read more…

Our Partners

  • UBL
  • Cap Net
  • engro corp
  • STIMSON Centre
  • University of Nebraska
  • Global Water Partnership
  • ANSA South Asia Region
  • Deutsche Bank
  • gsk
  • Unilever
  • CITI
  • Lotte Pakistan PTA Ltd.
  • HBL
  • GEO TV
  • MCB
  • Peak Freans
  • Central Depository Comapny
  • PPL
  • Karachi Stock Exchange
  • Investor Chanmber of Commerce
  • Sindh
  • Karachi Water And Sewerage Board
  • City Government