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Sindh Governor for active involvement of local bodies in water management

KARACHI: Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair on Thursday emphasised the need for close cooperation among provincial, municipal governments and local bodies to manage water under cohesive and [...]

Climate change – a very real problem

KARACHI:  United States President Donald Trump is known to toss around the term ‘fake news’ in relation to many things, especially climate change. To challenge this, [...]

A very dry future

The third iteration of the Karachi International Water Conference brought home the dangers the country is already facing and the catastrophe that may soon hit should [...]

UBL commits to water sustainability

Karachi UBL recently collaborated with Hisaar Foundation, an NGO that works for water, food and livelihood security for ‘The Future of Water’ Conference. The two day [...]

Water crisis attributed to failure of governance

KARACHI:  We cannot look at the issue of water in isolation, said former governor of State Bank of Pakistan at the 3rd Karachi International Water Conference [...]

Experts caution against wastage of water

Speakers at the Third International Water Conference on Tuesday said that Pakistan must reserve its water reservoirs in order to avoid a severe shortage of water [...]

Impending water crisis and future of water

Karachi Pakistan is at a very critical crossroads: How does it manage its fast decreasing per capita water availability, erratic river flows and changing water regime [...]

Conserve groundwater!

LAHORE: Stressing the need for conserving groundwater, speakers at a session highlighted that groundwater level has been declining in Lahore with a depletion rate of approximately about [...]

Tackling water security: Who owns the right to groundwater?

KARACHI: There are two recommendations for a federal water policy lying with the Centre that have yet to be implemented and if such a policy is not [...]

Need for formal water policy at national level stressed

KARACHI: The absence of a formal water policy in the country was lamented by speakers at the session, ‘Pakistan Water Policy – Time is Now’, on the [...]

‘In view of climate change, Centre must draft long-term water roadmap’

With climate change becoming a bigger threat with every passing day, the federal government must concentrate on drafting a long-term roadmap to deal with the country’s [...]

‘Lack of water policy to cost Pakistan dearly’

  Participants in the international water conference on Tuesday highlighted the crucial role of water in the lives of individuals and the nation and warned of [...]

Act now to avert water crisis

  * Conference calls for improving access to water for the poor and maximising water use efficiency KARACHI: Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair has said that water was [...]

Sindh governor downplays Pakistan’s water woes at international conference

At the 3rd International Water Conference held in Karachi, on Tuesday, Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair turned heads as he failed to acknowledge the water crisis prevalent [...]