Governor calls for judicious use of water

Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair has said the announcement of the national water policy in the presence of all the provincial chief ministers shows well the sincerity of the federal government towards the important issue of scarcity of water in the country.

He stated this while addressing the ground-breaking ceremony of Panjwani Hisaar Water Institute at the NED University of Engineering and Technology on Friday. The governor said it was unfortunate that specific attention was not paid in the past to the preservation, storage and economical use of water. The present government knowing the importance of the issue established a separate ministry of water and announced the first-ever water policy of the country, he added.

He said water was not only essential for human survival but also mandatory for the economic growth of a country. There was an urgent need to create awareness about the use of water with care while farmers must also be guided and trained to use irrigation water according to the requirements of soil and the crop, and avoid its over usage or waste, he opined.

“We must all join hands to work for improving access to water for the poor; maximizing water use efficiency; financing the urban and rural water economies and the water value chain; safeguarding the Indus Basin, its aquifers and its infrastructure; improving water governance and management of water institutions, and building a base for science, technology and the social aspects of water.”

The governor said that this Institute would play a pivotal role in training youths and securing the future of water, conserving and managing it. The water sector in Pakistan needed focus and direction which would result in the enhancement of the water economy and enable all the provinces and regions of Pakistan to collaborate in the implementation of the national water policy, he observed.

He said that reversing the trends of water pollution, wasteful water use and consumption, irresponsible mining of groundwater, sea-water intrusion and managing other related problems were of paramount importance.

He said that keeping in view the demand due to the increase in the population of Karachi, K-IV had been started and its first phase would be completed soon. Its second phase would be started in due course while another scheme for potable water supply had been included in Karachi’s special development package, he added.

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