Pakistan is at a very critical crossroads: How does it manage its fast decreasing per capita water availability, erratic river flows and changing water regime due to climate change. These issues were discussed at a conference organized by the Hisaar Foundation in association with Engro Foundation, here at Karachi’s Movenpick Hotel.
Muhammad Zubair, Governor of Sind attended the opening session as Chief Guest and remarked that the water issue has become critical and that he appreciates the efforts of citizen based organizations such as Hisaar Foundation to take steps to overcome some of the challenges.
Ms. Simi Kamal, founder of Hisaar Foundation spoke to the Panjwani Hisaar Water Institute at NED University of Engineering and Technology which aims to integrate the currently isolated nodes of engineering, natural sciences, economics and social sciences. The water institute will be the first of its kind in Pakistan and the region, with one foot in academia and the other in good citizenship.

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