The 2022 Floods are not over

Let’s not Forget the Affectees

They Need your Help to Return to Normalcy

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Adopt a Family for 24 Months for Rs 90,000

Hisaar Foundation’s Recovery and Rehabilitation Program for Taluka Johi, District Dadu – Nov. 2022 to Oct. 2024

These items and services will be given in 2 phases.

  • Water system for drinking and domestic use

  • Water coolers

  • Water purification tablets

  • Nutrition (for children)

  • Mosquito protection

  • Kitchen gardening tools & seeds for food security

  • Tents for shelter for each household

  • Blankets

  • Training and community support

  • Livestock for asset generation and subsistence

  • Basic toilets for sanitation

  • Income generation from livestock & kitchen gardening

By end of the intervention, we expect the following outcomes for 1000 families in Taluka Johi, District Dadu:

  • Safe drinking water

  • Water for domestic use

  • Improved nutrition balance especially among the children

  • Protection from mosquitoes, including dengue and malaria

  • Enhanced food security through kitchen gardening and livestock

  • Income generation through kitchen gardening and livestock

  • Basic protection from cold winter conditions

  • Acknowledgement of Donor Support on site.

For more information and details Contact us

Zohair Ashir

0300 8230246

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