The current key staff consists of:

Ms. Sanaa Baxamoosa

General Manager

Sanaa Baxamoosa is an environmental practitioner with more than 9 years of experience in the water sector. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies from Hampshire College, MA in 2007.

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Mr. Syed Aatir Jilani

Assistant Manager, Finance & Human Resources

Mr. Syed Aatir Jilani is currently the Assistant Manager, Finance & Human Resources, at Hisaar Foundation.

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Ms. Kausar Hashmi

Manager Research and Documentation

Ms Hashmi has a Masters Degree in Geography from University of Karachi.

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Mr Ahmed Hussain Palwa

Assistant Manager Programs

Mr. Palwa is responsible for all office management, implementation and execution of all procurement activities.

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Ms. Daniya Khalid

Research and Communication Associate

Daniya is a graduate of London School of Economics and Lahore University of Management Sciences with a Masters in Economics.

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Mr Nadeem Siddiqui

Networking Officer

Mr Siddiqui has been associated with Hisaar for the previous 10 years and is responsible for logistics and event management.