Inauguration of Academic Program

Panjwani Hisaar Water Institute at NED University

31st Aug 2019

As global reports show, our fears of water stress and water shortages are coming true. Cape Town was the first city that is to literally ran out of water in May 2018. Morocco and Jordan are pinpointed as countries under terrible water stress. Across the border India is facing a water crisis. For Pakistan the prospects of similar situation is real and the time to act is now.

Echoing the urgency to deal with water crisis now, Hisaar Foundation hosted a seminar on 31st Aug 2019, ‘Pakistan Water Crisis – Time to Deliver on Promises’ for the launch of the academic activities of Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute (PHWI) at NED University a tripartite initiative of Hisaar Foundation, Panjwani Charitable Foundation and the NED University. This event was a part of the proceedings of a course on Water Law which was recently launched at PHWI.

Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodi, Vice Chancellor, NED University welcomed the audience and briefed the audience on PHWI. He said that PHWI is designed to be Pakistan’s leading water institute for the 21st century. With the Panjwani Foundation taking the lead in its establishment, this cutting-edge institute is placed at the NED University – the university originally created to support the emerging irrigation infrastructure of Pakistan.

Ms. Simi Kamal, Advisor PHWI emphasized that we all have to learn to live with less water, and PHWI will tell us how this can be done. In her speech, ‘21st Century Solutions to Pakistan’s Water Problems’, she highlighted the vision behind PHWI and the need for an institute to integrate information, data science, techniques, tools, perspectives, research, concepts and theories from many disciplines to advance fundamental understanding of the complexities of water challenges and find their solutions. PHWI will build the much needed bridges between science, academia, economy and society and lead to action on the ground. The Institute will establish five laboratories, Water ecology and remediation, Coastal and riverine hydraulics, Water psychology and behavioral sciences, Total water quality testing and Water data analytics and modeling. Three of the above labs will be established for the first time in Pakistan.

Ms. Nadira Panjwani, Chair, Panjwani Charitable Foundation spoke on ‘Building Institutions through Philanthropy’. She lauded the philanthropic spirit of people of Pakistan and Karachi itself and the integral role generosity has played in the establishment of various vital organizations throughout the city.

Addressing the seminar the chief guest, President of Pakistan, Dr.Arif Alvi, stressed upon the need for creating awareness on water conservation in society particularly among the young generation. He called for making laws and introducing pricing for water so that its conservation could be ensured. The president lauded the initiatives of Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute and NED University for water education. He said efforts were also needed to be taken to avoid water losses and ensure its use for agriculture purposes in proper manner. The President said that steps were also required to be taken to counter the impacts of global warming.

Commemorating the occasion the President was presented a memento by Dr. Sarosh Hasmat Lodi, Vice Chancellor of NED University, along with Mr. Ashraf Kapadia, Chairperson Hisaar Foundation and the honorable speakers. In the end Mr. Kapadia thanked the audience and urged them to support the cause of water education and donate generously for PHWI.