Please make your Cheques/Pay Orders /Direct Deposits/ Inter Bank Financial Transfers payable to:

Account Title: Hisaar Foundation-PHWI
Bank: Al Habib Limited, Zamzama Branch
Account No: 1005-0081-021547-03-5
IBAN: PK69BAHL1005008102154703

Water is Life and it is Everyone’s Responsibility

An Existential Threat

Pakistan is facing a severe water crisis. If left unaddressed, it will become an existential threat to Pakistan, as water is directly linked to agriculture, economy, poverty alleviation, food and livelihood security. Therefore, we must act now and with the utmost urgency.

The Solution

The Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute (PHWI) will be an institute designed for the 21st century and will address all aspects of water by integrating engineering, social sciences and economic streams into holistic water studies. The Institute will be the first of its kind in the region.

The Programs

The Institute will offer academic programs and research opportunities that will greatly benefit business, industry, government & society by producing scientists, engineers, sociologists and infrastructure professionals at different levels required to meet the mounting challenges faced by Pakistan.

The Project

Total cost of the project is PKR 1.155 billion including PKR 500 million for startup and equipment being provided by the government, PKR 255 million cost of the land provided by NED University and PKR 400 million for construction of the building.

Sponsorship Options

Please help us raise PKR 400 million for the building by sponsoring one or more of the options given below.

Entrance/Exhibition Hall 1 40 40
Laboratories 5 30 150
Library 1 30 30
Classrooms 4 25 100
Student Cafeteria 1 15 15
Open Air Study Lounge 1 10 10
Wall of Water Saviors 50 1 50
General Donations Any Any 5
Total Amount to be raised 400

Note: All “Amounts” are in Rs. millions.

Your generous donation will be gratefully acknowledged by putting up a plaque honoring your contributions at a location related to the option sponsored by you. Please make your Cheques/Pay Orders payable to “Hisaar Foundation – PHWI”.

Donation Details:

Account Title: Hisaar Foundation-PHWI

Account No: 1005-0081-021547-03-5

IBAN: PK69BAHL1005008102154703

Primary Sponsors

Panjwani Charitable

Providing generous seed donation and the institu­tional expe­rience of setting up a cutting-edge institute.

NED University of Engineering & Technology

Provided land and the necessary academic um­brella for setting up the institute.

Hisaar Foundation

Brings the experience of intellectual capital and building consensus and partnerships for rational use of water.

The Laboratories

The Institute will have 5 laboratories which will be fully equipped with the latest technologies related to water. Many of the labs will be available for the first time in Pakistan. These laboratories are:

Water Ecology & Remediation

Coastal & Riverine Hydraulics

Water Psychology & Behavioral Sciences

Total Water Quality

Water Data Analytics & Modelling

Key Milestones

May 2018
Groundbreaking ceremony

Aug 2019
Soft Launch of the Institute

Sep 2019
Start of construction phase

Jan 2021
Institute is fully operational

Further Information

For further information or to make donations, please contact:

Zohair Ashir
HF Fundraising for PHWI

Ashraf Kapadia
HF Board of Governors

Supporting Partners

Architects & Designers


MEP Consultants

Chartered Accountants