This Ramzan Hisaar Foundation exceeded its target again and successfully provided support to 2300 families across Sindh – food packs, water supply systems, household supplies, hygiene supplies to combat COVID and treats for children.

The value of our campaign exceeded Rs one crore and there was extensive in-kind support, as well as transport and services.

We were able to reach 8 villages in 5 UCs in Mithi District of Tharparkar and 9 Villages in Gadap area of District Malir. In addition, we also provided hygiene supplies to TCF schools near New Karachi, Vocational Training Centre at Orangi and Fatimid Foundation.

We installed 28 hand pumps, 34 rehab wells and 1 solar bore in Thar, and 3 electric water coolers at educational institutions in Karachi. We also raised funds for our Panjwani-Hisaar Water Institute (PHWI).

Our largest donor organization this year wishes to remain anonymous. Other donors include Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), OAKS, Golden Harvest and Hope Uplift Foundation. Our partner organisations that helped us in distribution and provided transport and storage include HANDS and Ladies Fund of Dawood Global Foundation. ICARE Foundation was our collaborator in raising funds from overseas. We thank each and every institutional and individual donor. All partners and collaborators are deeply appreciated.