Press Release

Karachi, 22nd November 2017, the Third Karachi International Water Conference concluded here at Karachi’s Movenpick hotel.

Sessions today took stock of the development of the federal and provincial water policies, explored water security and negotiating conflicts and benefits around water, and also looked at urban water management issues. Professor David Grey, visiting professor from Oxford University and Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Director General, International Water Management Institute (IWMI) chaired and co-chaired the session on water policy, while Dr. Noman Ahmed of NEDUET chaired the session on urban water and Mr. Khalid Mohtaduallah, member HF Think Tank on Rational Use of Water chaired the session on negotiating conflicts.

One session “When Albert Einstein meets Alan Turing – water solutions from the world of science and technology” centered around showcasing solutions, in which Dr. Abubakr Mohammad, Director, WIT- LUMS gave examples of where technology has made a difference. Another session looked at unusual ways in which women have helped other women to meet their water, sanitation and other needs, specifically how city women of Karachi have helped their sisters in Thar, and others, especially towards building resilience to cope with the changing climate. Also how the National and Provincial Commissions on Status of Women can add water to their agenda. Statements were made by Ms. Khawar Mumtaz, Ms. Nuzhat Shireen, Ms. Neelum Khan Toru and Ms. Fouzia Viqar, chairpersons of the provincial commissions on the status of women.

The second day and the conference were ended on a summary of all the sessions and conference declaration.  Mr. Rafay Alam announced the Conference Declaration and Dr. Claudia Sadoff, Professor David Grey, Mr. Rudolph Cleveringa, were among the speakers at the closing plenary. An MOU was also signed between Hisaar Foundation and Wein Janos Foundation of Hungary. In the end the Chairperson of Hisaar Foundation, Mr. Zohair Ashir announced the fourth Karachi International Water Conference which is scheduled for November 2019.