UBL recently collaborated with Hisaar Foundation, an NGO that works for water, food and livelihood security for ‘The Future of Water’ Conference. The two day event focused on water conservation and the future of this scarce commodity in a politically challenged new world order.
At the conference’s closing ceremony, Ali Habib, Head of Corporate Affairs & Marketing, UBL (2nd right, along with other delegates) spoke about the need for collaborative efforts to combat the impact of water scarcity and highlighted the role financial institutions can play in water sustainability.
“UBL recognizes the value of financial inclusion at the lowest levels of society” he said, “Having easy access to water provides individuals with the freedom to positively utilize their time. This economic empowerment allows these individuals to contribute to the economy of their village/town.
Water sustainability not only provides banks an opportunity to give back to the society through their CSR funds, but also to lend to commercially viable hydro-based projects”.


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