February 29, 2016


Hisaar Foundation has been involved in campaigns to raise awareness of water conservation in schools of Karachi. In this regard, Hisaar Foundation organized a Water Conservation Session at Govt. Girls School Gizri Campus, Karachi on February 29, 2016. Around 80 students from class 6 to 8 and school teachers attended the session. Hisaar Foundation team members Ms Saleha Atif and Ms Rida Baqai gave speeches about water conservation and the importance of water as a resource. They said that thousands of schoolchildren in Karachi can’t access safe drinking water. Schools can inspire future generations to change their attitudes to water conservation. For us to pull the plug on water waste, building awareness of the issue is pivotal. Water is a precious resource; the need for its conservation is greater than ever before. Students were informed about the World Water Day which is held annually on 22 March to draw attention on the importance of water and supporting the durable management of water resources. In 2016, the theme is “Water and Jobs”. At the conclusion of this session there was an interactive Q & A segment. Lastly, Hisaar Foundation’s jingle about water conservation was played for the students. Prizes were distributed to children who delivered speeches on the importance of water, water conservation and improved management practices. Water conservation guidelines for schools and homes were also distributed.