Emergency Support

Hisaar Foundation first originated in 1999 when a group of concerned citizens of Karachi felt the need to respond to the drought crisis in Thar.  Within the purview of working towards water, food and livelihood security, we have always responded to emergencies and natural disasters faced by Pakistan. We carry out relief, mitigation and rehabilitation operations after emergencies and natural calamities.  We have developed, launched and delivered 14 relief campaigns responding to earthquakes, floods, droughts and other natural calamities, the most recent one being the Thar Relief Appeal 2016.

List of our emergency programs include:

  • Pakistan Drought Appeal 2000

  • Citizens Appeal for Afghan Refugees (Baluchistan) 2001

  • Campaign for Earthquake Relief and Rehab 2005-2006

  • Baluchistan Earthquake Relief 2008

  • Food Aid Programme 2008

  • Relief Appeal for Swat Internally Displaced Persons 2009

  • Flood Relief Appeal 2010

  • Flood Relief Appeal 2011

  • Thar Drought Appeal 2014

  • Thar Relief Appeal 2016