22nd February 2020 – Hisaar Foundation participated in the Eco Fest held at AMI School Karachi. Hisaar Foundation conducted various environmentally-friendly, water conservation and awareness raising activities at its stall. The event started off with different eco-friendly projects of the grade 4 and 5 students being displayed for promoting the use of sustainable materials. The AMI School also arranged a poetry café activity where the students presented different poems and stories on the theme. 

Hisaar Foundation conducted activities and distributed useful worksheets for children like the climate change crosswords puzzle. A water conservation activity was arranged highlighting where the students, as well as their parents, showed their interest towards adopt the different ways of water conservation. The water conservation guidelines were distributed to the students, parents and school staff. 

The school headmistress Ms. Rabeea Minai appreciated Hisaar Foundations efforts and was glad to see her students involved in water conservation activities. She added that the Hisaar Foundation is doing a great job for the environment and we need these type of organizations who can promote guidelines to conserve water bring green initiatives not only for the students but also for communities at large.